8 Tips to Stay Cozy in the Winter

Baby, it’s getting cold outside! Protect your apartment from frosty temperatures and crank up the coziness with these 8 tips on how to heat an apartment.

Comfy tan couch with throw blankets and pillow

#1 Dress the Part

It’s important to dress in layers to maintain your body temperature. Wear several light layers instead of a couple of heavy ones. The space between layers allows air to circulate your body heat. You lose heat through your feet, so wear socks and slippers to keep your toes toasty. Flannel shirts and pajamas are other must-have items that will keep you warm during winter.

#2 Circulate Existing Heat in Apartment

Proper air circulation allows heat to disperse evenly through your apartment. Move furniture away from air vents so you don’t inhibit warm airflow. Blocked registers and radiators also pose safety risks. Check that your ceiling fans turn clockwise as that rotation pushes warm air toward the ground.

#3 Natural Light Apartment Heating

Sunlight is limited in the winter, so make the most of its heating power by leaving your curtains, blinds or shades open during the day. The sunlight will naturally heat your space, so you can turn down your thermostat when you’re not home. Shut your curtains for apartment heating at night and keeping the cold air out.

#4 Add Some Cozy Décor

Keeping your apartment warm is the perfect excuse to decorate. Fuzzy throw pillows and blankets retain heat and add colors, patterns and textures to your apartment. Thick rugs will protect your feet from cold floors.

#5 Use Your Kitchen Appliances

Cooking during the winter serves as alternative heating for apartments: you can enjoy seasonal comfort food and let the residual heat from your oven and stove dissipate in your apartment. Leave

the oven door open after you’ve turned it off to allow the remaining heat into your space. However, never use your oven or stove as your primary heat source.

Try slow cookers for roasts and casseroles if you’re not big on cooking in the oven. Other kitchen gadgets like electric kettles and mug warmers are good for hot drinks such as coffee, tea and cocoa.

#6 Eliminate Drafts

Your efforts at making things cozy will be for naught if you let cold air leak in all winter.

Here are some cold apartment hacks to fight drafts:

Place draft stoppers under or on the inside of exterior doors.

  • Roll bath towels and wedge them on windowsills.
  • Cover the inside and outside of window A/C units.
  • Use outlet gasket covers to block cold airflow.

#7 Prep for Bedtime

You can turn down your thermostat in the evening and stay toasty by layering your bed with flannel sheets, comforters and blankets. Keeping a humidifier in your bedroom adds moisture to dry winter air. Some models also blow warm air, so you can humidify and heat your bedroom.

#8 Throw in an At-Home Workout

Movement increases your body temperature. Using your body weight in an apartment workout will raise your heart rate and boost circulation without exercise equipment. Regular exercise also keeps your joints lubricated and flexible during colder months.

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