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An empty, luxury apartment with no furniture.

Must-Have Apartment Features and Amenities

When renting an apartment, you’re paying for more than just a place to live. The cost also includes features and community amenities that are designed to enhance comfort and quality of life.

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A man deep cleaning a sofa in his apartment

Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Apartment

Developing a plan before starting your deep clean can optimize your time and leave your space sparkling. Deep cleaning every three months is crucial, whether you’re looking for your first apartment or upgrading to a new one.

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A woman in a blue athletic outfit doing fitness exercises in an apartment living room

Apartment-Friendly Workout Equipment to Help You Stay Active

Exercising in a smaller space can be challenging. So, if you’re an apartment dweller looking for at-home workouts, consider any limitations you might face before investing in equipment. They might include the amount of room you have for exercising, available storage space for your gear and whether your neighbors could be disturbed by your workout noise. Here are some suggestions.

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A blender, microwave, rice cooker, and waffle maker on a kitchen counter

9 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets for Your Apartment

Whether you’re a culinary genius or a newbie, there are certain kitchen appliances you should have in your apartment. These gadgets can help you save space and make delicious meals.

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a young couple getting an in-person tour through an apartment they are considering renting

Why You Should Always Tour an Apartment In-Person

When you’re in the market for a new apartment, the search can be exciting but also overwhelming. With so many options available online, it’s tempting to rely solely on photos and virtual tours. However, nothing can replace the insights and understanding gained from an in-person tour. Experiencing the space, the community, and the surrounding neighborhood firsthand is crucial in making an informed decision that you’ll be happy with long term.

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