Apartment Organization Ideas to Create More Living Space

Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or decorating your current space, getting organized helps you optimize your square footage. Use this guide to declutter your apartment.

Storage and apartment organization ideas for small spaces.

How to Organize Your Living Room

Shelves: Clear tables and elevate clutter by storing books, frames, trinkets and décor on free-standing shelves or bookshelves.

Multifunctional furniture: Coffee tables, side tables and ottomans double as storage for blankets, electronics and other items that take up floor space.

Blanket rack or basket: Your blankets and pillows may be stylish, but they could crowd couches and chairs. Fold or hang them so you and your guests can lounge.

Getting Your Kitchen in Order

Doors and wall space: Install floating shelves in your kitchen to free up countertops and hang pots and pans. Increase your pantry capacity by adding shelving to the back of cabinet doors.

Moveable island: A kitchen island on wheels provides extra storage and can be pushed against a wall.

Pantry organizers: Organizing your cabinets with spice racks, bins and shelf risers allows you to pack away plenty of food and kitchenware.

Organizing Your Bathroom

Cabinet storage: An over-toilet cabinet is an effective spacing-saving option if you don’t have room under your sink.

Moveable cart: Keep hygiene products and styling tools on a rollaway cart.

Acrylic bins: Organize cleaning products and personal items in cabinets and drawers with clear bins so you can easily find your bathroom necessities.

Tiered shower caddy: If your shower doesn’t have built-in shelves, a shower caddy will hold your shampoo and soap without cluttering the edge of your tub.

Creating Space in Your Bedroom

Underbed storage: Use bins or collapsible containers to pack away clothes and shoes that are out of season or don’t fit in your closet.

Slim hangers: Plastic and wooden hangers can be bulky. Slim hangers save space and some hang in tiers so you can store more clothes.

Laundry hamper or basket: Don’t let your dirty clothes pile up in the corner. Keep them out of the way in a laundry basket to clear the floor.

Over-door storage: Use an over-door rack to hang hats and jewelry or organize shoes that don’t fit in your closet.

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