Apartment Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Moving expenses can eat up your budget, so you may not have extra funds to buy new items to decorate your apartment.

If you want to decorate your apartment on a budget, look for multipurpose furniture and accessories.

A young woman decorating a living room space with modern decor.

Here are some apartment decorating ideas that will help you spruce up your space affordably.

Multipurpose Décor

Curtains: Drape curtains around your headboard or hang them over blinds to add layers of texture to your living room and bedroom.

Lights and lamps: Use strings of lights to create a bright environment without the harsh overhead glare. Add lampshades in neutral tones, bright colors or patterns to soften the light from tabletop and standing lamps.

Mirrors: Hang mirrors of different sizes for an abstract gallery display. Vertical mirrors will also create a sense of height.

Consider Houseplants

Houseplants can improve your health and are good for decorating an apartment on a budget. You can find inexpensive houseplants at most grocery stores. Succulents add color and texture and require little watering, which is helpful if you’re a new plant parent.

Fake flowers are available at craft stores and can be placed in vases, added to wreaths or strung in garlands. You don’t have to worry about plant care and can swap florals for seasonal aesthetics.

Embrace Your Counter and Shelf Space

Vases: Place vases holding fresh or silk flowers on a bookshelf, side table, kitchen counter or dining room table. You can also fill them with water and add floating candles.

Bookshelves: Line shelves with books knickknacks, heirlooms, artwork, houseplants and other items you want to display.

Stackable shelves: Get creative with foldable or stackable shelves. They’re easy to adjust for small spaces and can showcase fun décor or hold clothes. Use a string of lights to create an illuminated display.

Make it Functional

Ottomans: Decorate with furniture that doubles as storage to declutter your apartment. Keep blankets and pillows in an ottoman that also functions as a coffee table. Place items on a decorative tray that can be moved when you want to kick up your feet.

Coffee tables and TV stands: Any table with drawers can display and store your knickknacks. Switch your tabletop decorations and place unused items in the drawers. They’re also great places to hide game consoles and other electronics.

Storage benches: Add a bench to your dining table or push it against a wall in your living room for more seating. You can also place a bench at the foot of your bed.

Visit Local Thrift Stores and Garage Sales

Buying second-hand items is a good way to decorate your apartment on a budget. Explore your neighborhood and check out garage and yard sales for inexpensive décor. Sellers may be willing to negotiate prices, especially if they want to get rid of furniture and other large pieces.

Antique shops and thrift stores are good places to find apartment decorating ideas. Those retailers are packed with different kinds of décor, so you can create a variety of aesthetics without spending too much money.

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