When is the Best Time to Move to an Apartment?

Deciding when to move means comparing what you want in an apartment versus what you’re willing to spend. Those two factors will influence the best time to move.

Cardboard boxes and cleaning items for moving into an apartment

Factors to Consider

Weather: Moving is usually more pleasant during the warmer months of the year but can still be accomplished during late fall and winter too.

Finances: You may have to wait to move depending on your financial situation, so starting your apartment hunt in the off-season gives you time to save.

Distance: A long-distance move means more logistics and organization.

Manpower: Moving companies tend to have more availability in fall and winter.

Moving at Different Times of the Year

May through August is considered the peak time of year for apartment renting. College graduates are looking for places to live and 12-month leases often begin and end around this time of year.

There tends to be more availability and options, which is preferable if you’re looking for specific features. Spring and summer usually see an increase in demand for apartments, so rent tends to be higher as well.

Search for your new apartment from October to April if you want to save on rent. Property managers need to fill up available units and might be more willing to negotiate when demand is lower. Moving companies are also less busy during winter and may have reduced prices and better scheduling flexibility.

When to Move During the Month

It’s common for leases to end in the final week of the month, so you may find more available apartments for rent at that time. Start looking mid-month so you have time to find an apartment and move before the next one starts.

However, you’ll save on moving expenses if you schedule your transition during the middle of the month. Moving companies tend to get busy toward the end of the month, so schedule for the second or third week if you want to save money.

Is There a Better Time to Move During the Week?

The weekends are ideal for moving if you work a nine-to-five job, but movers are also in high demand during those days. Monday through Wednesday are better if you require movers and want to save money.

Finding What Works for You

It’s important to find a balance between reducing expenses and selecting an apartment that suits your lifestyle. That could mean hunting for a space during peak renting season to find the apartment style and amenities you want. Or you may need to search for an apartment during winter to find cheaper rent rates and moving expenses.

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