Should I Rent a House or An Apartment?

If you’re searching for a place to live, you may run into the debate of whether you should rent an apartment or a house.

So, how do you decide which is right for you? The answer depends on your budget, space requirements and location preference.

What You Get When You Rent a House

Cost: Renting a house is often more expensive than renting an apartment. Some landlords include certain utilities, while others consider them a separate expense.

Space: Rental houses offer more square footage and outdoor space. You can enjoy more privacy since you won’t have to consider sharing walls and communal spaces with neighbors.

Parking: There is no cost for parking if you rent a house, which is helpful if you have roommates with multiple vehicles. Rental houses offer driveway, street and garage parking.

Location: You’re more likely to find rental houses in residential neighborhoods than in the center of a city. That’s beneficial if you prefer to avoid traffic and hustle and bustle.

Maintenance: Renting a house means you’re responsible for more maintenance. Those tasks could include cutting the grass, raking leaves and weeding flowerbeds. You will need to notify your landlord if you need repairs, which may take time if they have to find a contractor to complete the job.

Pets: Because rental houses have more space, landlords are usually more lenient regarding pet breeds and sizes.

Advantages of Renting with Ardent Home & Condo Rentals in Columbus, Ohio

Ardent Home and Condo Rentals has an array of homes and condos designed to fit your lifestyle needs.

Floor plans range from one- to four-bedroom ranches, free-standing and carriage-style homes and condos.

Each rental has a property management team readily available to address your needs and maintenance requests.

Our locations are situated around central Ohio. Narrow your search for your future home and schedule a tour by calling 614-989-8917.

What to Expect When Renting an Apartment

Cost: Renting an apartment is typically more cost-effective than renting a house, and some utilities may be included in your rent. Apartments are also less expensive than most rental houses due to their smaller size.

Space: Apartments generally have less square footage than rental houses. However, modern apartment designs offer spacious floor plans for single tenants and roommates.

Parking: Apartment communities provide covered or uncovered parking spots, while others have garage spaces. Properties are monitored, so parking is more secure than leaving your vehicle on the street.

Location: If you want to live closer to shops, restaurants and entertainment, renting an apartment might be a better option. Apartment communities are often closer to cities than residential housing, providing easier access to transportation, jobs and recreation.

Maintenance: When renting an apartment, you also have access to onsite property maintenance technicians who can address emergency repairs. Those employees also tend to lawn care, snow shoveling and facility maintenance.

Amenities: Apartment amenities are usually available at no additional cost. Those features could include a swimming pool, a fitness center, an outdoor entertainment area, a clubhouse, laundry rooms and workstations. And taking advantage of those amenities can save money on membership and gym fees.

Pets: If you rent an apartment, you may be limited on the kind of pet you keep and will likely pay a pet fee. However, it’s common for apartment communities to have pet parks or other designated areas for animals.

The Advantages of Renting from Ardent Communities

Ardent Communities has a home for you if you’re looking for apartments or townhomes near Columbus, Ohio.

Our apartment floor plans range from single to triple bedrooms. Townhomes have two bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms with plenty of space for multiple tenants.

Each community has onsite property management readily available to address your needs. Most of our apartment communities have resort-style swimming pools, outdoor firepits and cooking areas, 24-hour fitness centers and cyber stations.

And if you want to explore your neighborhood, our locations are situated near downtown Columbus,  so you’re within minutes of entertainment and local hotspots.

Interested in applying for an apartment or townhome? Connect with us online for application information.

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