What’s the Cost of Living in Columbus?

There are a variety of diverse neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio that offer quality living accommodations and are conveniently located near attractions for families and individuals. Understanding the average cost of living in and around Columbus will help you determine if this city is the place for you.

What is the Average Apartment Size in Columbus?

Your lifestyle and space requirements will affect what size apartment you choose. Even if you don’t have roommates, you may still want a multi-room apartment.

Here are the average apartment sizes around Columbus:

  • Studio apartment: 400-600 square feet
  • One-bedroom apartment: 600-800 square feet
  • Two-bedroom apartment: 800-900 square feet
  • Three-bedroom apartment: 1,000-1,200 square feet

Apartment Rental Pricing Factors

Location: Apartments will be more expensive the closer you are to downtown Columbus. For example, an apartment in the Short North will cost more than one on a residential street. School districts can also influence the price of your apartment. Proximity to shopping, restaurants, public transportation and entertainment can also affect rent.

Square footage: Typically, the greater the square footage and more rooms an apartment has, the more it will cost.

Property and appliance condition: You’ll pay more for newly renovated apartments with upgraded appliances.

Utilities: Determine what expenses are included in your monthly payment when you’re looking for an apartment. Paying for heat, electricity and water separately could reduce your rent.

Amenities: Luxury apartments offer high-end amenities. Access to features such as a pool, onsite gym, resident game room and pet accommodations usually reflect in your rent.

Time of year: The best time to move to an apartment depends on your budget. Late spring through summer is considered peak moving season and prices tend to increase. Consider waiting to find an apartment until fall or winter if you want to save money.

Average Expenses in Columbus

As the state capital and largest city, the cost of living in Columbus is slightly higher than other cities in Ohio, but it remains 10% lower than the national average.

Here are some of the average costs of living in Columbus, Ohio:

  • Utilities for a single-bedroom apartment: $100-$250/month
  • Internet plan for 50 Mbps: $70-$100/month
  • Gasoline: $3-$4/gallon
  • Gym membership: $15-$85/month
  • Bus pass: $60-$80/month
  • Mobile phone with 10 GB and data: $40-$150/month

You should project your monthly budget when searching for an apartment. There are different money-saving challenges that can help you cut down on expenses if you want more rooms or square footage.

What Are the Most Popular Neighborhoods in Columbus?

There are dozens of neighborhoods around Columbus with various of eateries and entertainment.

Polaris: This neighborhood is home to Polaris Fashion Place, which has lots of stores, shops and restaurants.

Short North Arts District: This hotspot in Columbus is the heart of the art community. There are galleries, shops, bars and restaurants to explore.

German Village: The brewery district is lined with brick streets where you’ll find Columbus favorites like the Book Loft.

What Are the Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Columbus?

These are some of the most affordable neighborhoods in the area if you want to save money:

Gahanna: This town is home to Geroux Herb Garden, an off-leash dog park and Donna’s Delicious Dozen specialty donut shop.

Worthington: This suburb is 20 minutes north of downtown Columbus and has seen a slight decrease in apartment rentals.

Delaware: Take a 40-minute drive south of Columbus to explore the golf courses, eateries and attractions in Delaware.

What Are the Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Columbus?

Dublin: This historic town offers many attractions and the Dublin Irish Festival is a seasonal favorite.

New Albany: Head northeast of downtown Columbus and you’ll find New Albany. The small town is surrounded by natural beauty and plenty to entertain.

Upper Arlington: The Scioto River runs along the western border of Upper Arlington, making this Columbus suburb a perfect place for nature lovers.

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