Apartment-Friendly Workout Equipment to Help You Stay Active

Exercising in a smaller space can be challenging. So, if you’re an apartment dweller looking for at-home workouts, consider any limitations you might face before investing in equipment. They might include the amount of room you have for exercising, available storage space for your gear and whether your neighbors could be disturbed by your workout noise. Here are some suggestions.

A woman in a blue athletic outfit doing fitness exercises in an apartment living room

Adjustable Dumbbells and Kettlebells

Save space in your apartment by using adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells. They have a handle to accommodate different weighted plates. Adjustable kettlebells have a similar feature that allows you to lock a specific setting in place.

Resistance Bands

Exercising with resistance bands strengthens your muscles without the need for weights or dumbbells. That’s important if you’re recovering from an injury or have joint issues. Resistance bands come in various strengths and can be incorporated into a full-body workout. They’re also easy to store.

Cardio Machines

Stationary bike: Skip the spin class and get your cardio in at home on a stationary bike. You can also use a training stand to hold a normal bicycle in a stationary position.

Mini elliptical: This portable exercise machine offers the wellness benefits of its full-size counterpart, plus it fits in most apartments. Mini ellipticals require you to use more of your body to balance, which elevates your workout.

Row machine: There are a variety of row machines that fit in small spaces or against a wall. You can adjust the resistance on a row machine to work out your arms, legs and core.

Foldable treadmill: Walk, jog or run on a collapsable treadmill, then stow it under a desk or bed when you’re done.

Pull-Up Bar

Attach a pull-up bar to a doorframe to complete an upper body routine for your shoulders, arms and back. Place the pull-up bar on the floor and use it for tricep dips, too.

Yoga and Foam Mats

Using a yoga mat while you exercise provides extra cushion and dampens sound, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors. Foam mats offer more grip that’s beneficial for high-intensity exercises.

Mini Trampoline

Mini trampolines are compact and portable. They’re good for low-impact cardio exercises, including lunges, high knees, squats and jumping jacks.

Medicine and Exercise Balls

Using an exercise ball helps you maintain proper form, improves your posture and supports balance. Exercise balls can be used for wall squats, crunches and push-ups. Medicine balls are weighted to provide resistance and allow you to engage multiple muscle groups at once. They’re good for strengthening your core and enhancing movement exercises.

Foam Roller

Use a foam roller during and after your workout. Add them to planks, push-ups and wall squats to ease the impact on your joints. Massage sore muscles with a foam roller to boost your post-routine recovery.

Portable Punching Bag

Get a simple cardio routine in with a portable punching bag. Throwing uppercuts and jabs is a good way to exercise your upper body and relieve stress. You can position portable punching bags anywhere in your apartment but keep them away from shared walls to manage noise levels.

Apartment Fitness Centers at Ardent Communities

Save money on a gym membership and take advantage of the onsite gyms at our apartment communities in Columbus, Ohio. Each facility has a variety of cardio machines and free weights to suit your exercise needs. Contact us to learn about our locations and schedule a tour.

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