Refresh Your Apartment with These 2022 Décor Trends

Are you ready to change your apartment décor but don’t know where to start? These 2022 interior design trends can help you get inspired.

Refresh Your Apartment with These 2022 Décor Trends

Earth-Inspired Color Palettes

One of the biggest decorating trends for 2022 is comfort. Rich browns, sandy neutrals and tranquil blues provide a calming, cocoon-like atmosphere that will make you feel safe and relaxed in your space. Chocolate and caramel brown shades are a deeper alternative to neutral tans, while terracotta creates a more energizing pop of color.

Greenery is also in, and not just for plants. Including green paint or wallpaper brings another layer to a nature-inspired aesthetic. And if you can’t settle for one shade, color-blocking allows you to display a variety of colors in your home.

Natural Elements and Décor

Organically shaped décor will boost a natural color scheme. Curves and asymmetrical designs invoke the imperfections of the outdoors and the human body, contributing to a comfortable aesthetic.

Displaying vases of different sizes is an easy way to emulate curves and natural colors. Rounded designs and abstract forms will add character when they’re lined up on a tabletop, bookcase or shelf.

Indoor plants never go out of style and bring the freshness of the outdoors into your space. Bright leaves and trailing vines give your space energy and purify the air.

Organic Materials and Textures

Leather upholstered couches, chairs and ottomans support the trend of rich browns and offset cooler metallic tones. It also shows wear over time, which contributes to its personality.

Rougher materials like jute and abaca are good options for rugs and resist wear and tear while maintaining a simplistic appeal. Stone dishware, clay pots and vases, and marble touches also contribute to the raw décor trends that are becoming more popular in interior design.

You may also consider hanging dried flowers, herbs and grains for more visual and textural variety. Including dry, fresh and faux plants in communal spaces like your living room and kitchen will establish a modern pastoral theme and boost coziness.

Curved Furniture

Boxy couches are out. Rounded furniture creates a luxuriously soft touch to your living room and bedroom. Curves invoke a sense of calm, comfort and ease, which is especially important if you’re trying to turn your apartment into a personal haven.

Tufted couches and ottomans and curved headboards lend themselves to natural colors or pops of color if you wish to add more variety to your aesthetic. Natural patterns mixed with softer silhouettes provide a natural but simplistic variety of color or texture.

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