4 Tips for Apartment Living with a Baby

Your apartment is a haven, a place you can unwind and enjoy. That’s why it’s important to maximize your space for you and your little roomie – even if they don’t kick in half the rent. Here are four tips for apartment living with a baby.

A light color palleted nursery room for apartment living with a baby

Establish Your Own Space

Converting your apartment into a giant nursery can leave you feeling like you don’t have room for yourself. Defining your personal space will give you room to call your own, especially if you’re raising a baby in an apartment.

Cribs come in various sizes, so you can find one that suits your space requirements. If you’re sharing the bedroom with your baby, put up a folding screen in front of the crib for privacy and noise cancellation. You may need to move your baby to a spare bedroom or office once he or she outgrows your shared bedroom.

Creative Storage Options

Tucking away clothes, toys, diapers and baby products will prevent your space from getting cluttered, especially in family apartment living situations. Use the furniture and storage space you have to organize your baby’s belongings.

Here are some ideas:

Convert a Dresser into a Changing Table

Place a pad on top and keep diapers and wipes stowed in the drawers.

Reorganize Your Room

Hang clothes to save drawer space. Mount clothing organizers on removable wall hooks or place them over your bedroom door.

Limit Toys and Stuffed Animals

You can organize those items by mounting a basket or hanging a corner hammock to get them off the floor.

Utilize Storage Items

Place extra supplies in boxes or baskets and store them under the crib, below your bed or in a closet. Stow baby stuff in ottomans, coffee table drawers and TV consoles. Install shelves to elevate décor and other items.

Use Foldable Baby Furniture

Stowable items can make a difference in reducing clutter and maximizing your space when you’re raising a baby in an apartment.

Collapsible highchairs and baby bathtubs can be tucked away under furniture after use. There are also foldable baby rockers, sleepers and bouncers. Are you thinking about buying a baby swing? Try a model that attaches to a doorframe and allows your child to move safely.

Purge as Your Baby Grows

Your child will outgrow clothes and toys and you could find yourself buried in baby items before you know it. You may consider selling, donating or giving away clothes, accessories and stuffed animals your child no longer uses to free up space. Consider renting a storage unit if there are certain possessions you want to keep.

Family apartment living means you’ll have to take a hard look at your belongings as well. Do you have a drawer full of old T-shirts you haven’t worn in ages? What about the knickknacks that have been collecting dust around your home? It may be time to clear them away, too. 

How To Baby-Proof Your Apartment

Once your baby is on the move, keeping them out of trouble will be a full-time job.

Here are some baby-proofing tips:

  • Cover electrical outlets with plastic gaskets and keep cords out of reach.
  • Move cleaning chemicals, medications, laundry detergent and other hazardous substances out of your child’s reach.
  • Install baby safety locks on low cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Add child-proof padding to sharp corners on tables and other furniture.
  • Place child-proof covers on doorknobs and locks.
  • Put up baby gates in front of patio and balcony doorways.


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