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Friends having a game night in an apartment living room

5 Tips for Hosting a Game Night in Your Apartment

Game nights are opportunities to catch up with friends, meet neighbors, get to know coworkers and engage in (hopefully) friendly competition. This guide breaks down six tips for hosting a successful game night.

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Health and Wellness Design Ideas for Your Apartment

Interior design and décor can influence how you perceive your apartment which can impact your mood and well-being. Incorporating elements that suit your style can help you achieve the right vibe.

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Two female roommates arguing on a sofa in an apartment living room

Tips for Handling Conflict Resolution with a Roommate

Sharing an apartment with a roommate has its perks. You can split costs and divvy up chores. Roommates also provide opportunities to socialize and develop good communication skills.

Cohabitating can present challenges, too, especially if you and your roomie have different personalities, lifestyles and habits. Conflicts are almost inevitable, but having a resolution strategy can help you maintain a positive relationship.

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The living room of a luxury apartment with rugs, furniture, plants, and wooden flooring

Tips to Make Your Apartment Feel More Luxurious

Luxury is in the eye of the beholder. While it may seem like you have less flexibility to decorate your apartment, you can still make the space unique if you’re creative.

Adding touches of opulence and paying attention to detail will help you design the luxury apartment of your dreams.

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An empty, luxury apartment with no furniture.

Must-Have Apartment Features and Amenities

When renting an apartment, you’re paying for more than just a place to live. The cost also includes features and community amenities that are designed to enhance comfort and quality of life.

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