Must-Have Apartment Features and Amenities

When renting an apartment, you’re paying for more than just a place to live. The cost also includes features and community amenities that are designed to enhance comfort and quality of life.

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What are Apartment Features?

They’re the appliances and design features in your apartment that make your life.

Modern Appliances

You won’t have to worry about buying gadgets for your apartment when you have built-in appliances. Purchasing a refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher adds up, but you’ll save that money when those items are already in your apartment. Newer appliances are also less likely to malfunction and require repairs.

Walk-In Closets and Storage

Spacious walk-in closets and ample storage space allow you to bring your belongings without downsizing. Walk-in closets provide plenty of room to organize your personal items so they don’t clutter your apartment. Indoor and outdoor storage units are good for stowing seasonal decor, bikes, furniture and other bulky items.

Open Floorplans

Tall ceilings, natural lighting and plenty of floor space can make an apartment feel more expansive. Those features enhance the flow of traffic and offer flexibility when you’re decorating your apartment. That allows you to customize your apartment so it feels more like home.

What Are Apartment Amenities?

Like apartment features, amenities are communal components that contribute to an enjoyable living experience.

Onsite Fitness Center

Save time and money by using the gym in your apartment community. You don’t have to pay for membership fees and can walk to the fitness center if you don’t want to exercise in your apartment. Apartment fitness centers may include cardio equipment, free weights, walking tracks and weight machines.


A pool provides an outdoor area to unwind, meet your neighbors and make friends.

Outdoor Space

Consider the outdoor spaces attached to your apartment, like a patio or balcony. They extend your living area so you can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air just outside your door. Community amenities such as grilling stations, fire pits and picnic areas can be good places to entertain.

Clubhouse or Lounge

A multi-purpose clubhouse can be used for work and socialization. You can attend community events or reserve a room to host meetings or classes. A clubhouse or lounge is also beneficial if you work from home and want to separate your business space from your home.

Pet Amenities

Living with a pet in an apartment requires planning and room to accommodate their needs. Modern apartment communities usually have dog parks where your pet can exercise and play. Other bonuses for pets may include a washing station, complimentary treats and pet-friendly events.

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