6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Apartment for Spring

Decorating your apartment for spring doesn’t have to be a complete transformation. Try a few of these tips to change your aesthetic for the season.

Woman with cleaning products spring cleaning her apartment.

1. Spring Clean Your Apartment

Declutter: Clear all flat surfaces of paperwork, trash and trinkets that don’t need to be there. Decluttering your apartment can make your space feel more open.

Dust: Get rid of grime on counters, tabletops, shelves, appliances, electronics, light fixtures, air vents, ceiling fans and doorframes.

Wash windows: Winter weather can take a toll on your windows. Washing the inside and outside windowpanes will let in more bright spring sunlight.

Vacuum soft surfaces: Rugs, couches, chairs, throw pillows and blankets hold onto dust, dirt and dander, so use a brush attachment to refresh the fabric.

2. Let in the Light

Days are getting longer, so use that natural light to your advantage and save on your electric bill. Swap heavy, dark curtains for sheer alternatives that provide privacy without completely blocking the sun. Hang mirrors to reflect more light. Change sterile white lights to softer white bulbs for a more natural glow.

3. Try Temporary Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is a good alternative to painting, especially if your lease doesn’t allow it. Create a feature wall, add a colorful backsplash, line kitchen cabinets or make a unique design behind your headboard.

4. Showcase Spring-Themed Décor

Floral artwork, photos and paintings bring spring into your home. Opt for seasonal flowers such as tulips, daffodils and irises. Pastel decorations in shades of pink, yellow, blue, green and purple will also add brightness to your home. Floral and citrus candles support a fresh spring aesthetic.

5. Bring in Greenery

Keeping indoor houseplants can improve your health by filtering the air. Studies also suggest that cultivating plants helps relieve stress and improves productivity. Succulents are easy plants to care for if you’re a new plant parent since they don’t require excessive watering.

Showcase variety in your apartment by putting potted plants in stands, hanging them in baskets and holders and keeping fresh blooms in vases. Faux flowers are another option if you want plants without upkeep.

6. Be Bold with Patterns

Exchange rugs, throw pillows and lampshades for seasonal patterns and colors. Try pops of bold prints in small doses or combine multiple patterns in a similar color scheme. Match accent colors to your current theme or use a complementary color for contrast.

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