5 Tips for Hosting a Game Night in Your Apartment

Game nights are opportunities to catch up with friends, meet neighbors, get to know coworkers and engage in (hopefully) friendly competition. This guide breaks down six tips for hosting a successful game night.

Friends having a game night in an apartment living room

#1: Schedule Game Nights Ahead of Time

Will you host game nights weekly or monthly? Will the location change or stay the same?

It’s important to plan ahead to avoid confusion and accommodate your guests’ schedules. It could take some time to find a day that suits everyone, but you might also need to make an executive decision if an agreement can’t be reached by the group.

Once you’ve selected a day, try to schedule several game nights in advance, so people have time to clear their schedule.

#2: Choose Games Beforehand

Are your visitors competitive? Or are they interested in a casual soiree?

Understanding your guests’ personalities can help you select the right games to suit their preferences. You can also ask for suggestions or recommend each person bring their favorite game. Selecting games based on a theme is another option if you or your visitors want to try something new.

Games to Play on Game Night

For laidback players:

  • Traditional card games, like euchre or poker
  • Scrabble
  • Monopoly
  • Uno
  • Ticket to Ride

For enthusiastic competitors:

  • Werewolf or Mafia
  • Outburst
  • Pictionary
  • Telestrations
  • Cards Against Humanity

#3: Read Instructions

Avoid rules disputes by reading the instructions right off the bat. Even if your friend says they know them by heart, or your coworker has played the game before. Reading instructions will help you run the game efficiently and prevent arguments.

Your job as host might require you to mediate between guests if there are contrasting opinions. Sticking to the instructions can help you de-escalate small issues before they get out of hand.

#4: Prepare Food and Drinks

Playing games can work up an appetite, so be prepared with plenty of food. Keeping your guests fed can also prevent “hanger,” which may spark tension or disagreements during intense games. Lay out a mixture of flavors and tastes to satisfy your friends’ preferences.

Finger foods are simple to prepare and refill and are edible at room temperature. Set out chips and dip, pretzels, mixed nuts, cheese trays and cut fruit and vegetables. Or try your hand at easy recipes like pigs in a blanket or pizza strombolis.

#5: Set Up Your Space

Declutter your apartment and clean common areas so your guests have space to unwind. Determine where your party will gather so you can provide appropriate seating. Arrange the play area before your visitors arrive so you don’t have to scramble in a crowded space.

Are you hosting games around your dining table? Make sure there are enough chairs to accommodate your friends comfortably.

Playing games around your coffee table can create a more relaxed environment. Your friends can sit on couches, chairs, cushions or open floor space if they wish.

Find an Apartment That’s Perfect for Game Night

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