Questions to Ask Potential Roommates for Apartment Living

If you’re considering a roommate, it’s important to understand that person’s behaviors and financial situation to determine if you can live together. These questions will help you find the answer.

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What Do You Do for Work?

The answer will affect how you createthe budget. Discuss each other’s monthly wages and how you want to split the cost of living in an apartment in Columbus. It may be difficult to plan your finances if you’re unsure how you’re going to pay your bills. Talking about your work lives will also help you create daily schedules and routines.

Are You an Early Bird or a Night Owl?

That’s another important question to ask while you’re establishing routines. For example, your roommate’s late-night noises could be problematic if you work in the morning and need to go to bed early. Or your early-morning tasks could disturb your roommate who likes to sleep in on the weekends. Defining preferences allows you to find common ground with different lifestyles.

Do You Smoke or Vape?

Talk about personal beliefs and health conditions that could be affected by smoking. Some people may avoid it because they’re trying to break the habit themselves.  If you and your roommate are okay with smoking, designate a specific outdoor space for the smoker. Don’t forget to check your apartment community’s smoking policy.

Do You Have Any Food Allergies or Requirements?

Dietary restrictions can influence meal prep and cooking responsibilities. Some food allergies are severe, so make sure you know which food and drinks must be kept separate or out of the apartment all together.

Asking about food requirements is also a good way to transition the conversation to grocery shopping. You can take turns shopping for both of you or buy your items separately.

Do You Have Any Pets or Want to Get a Pet?

If one of you has a pet, make sure the other party is comfortable with having an animal around. Consider factors like pet allergies and maintenance that accompany living with a pet.

Ask these questions:

  • What kind of animal is it?
  • How big is your pet?
  • What are your expectations for care and feeding?
  • Will you be responsible for the pet fee?

Be clear about your willingness to share or not share in the responsibility of owning a pet to reduce the likelihood of disagreements.

What Are Your Pet Peeves?

You’ll be living in close proximity, so it’s helpful to know what activities and habits could rub this person the wrong way. Be honest about what bothers you, too, so you can reach an understanding together.

Common sources of disagreements among roommates include:

  • Music/TV volume
  • Chores
  • Guests
  • Messiness
  • Sharing space/items/resources
  • Temperature
  • Eating habits

How Do You Like to Communicate?

Let your potential roommate know how you communicate and ask about their preferences to support effective conflict resolution.

How do they handle disagreements? Do they like to talk things out right away or need time to process?

The answers will help you compromise on a method of communication that suits both of your needs.

What Do You Like to Do on Weekends?

Does your roommate like to unwind on the couch during the weekend? Do they like hosting dinner parties or get-togethers? Contrasting lifestyles may require you to create a roommate agreement to ensure everyone is comfortable and happy.

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