Columbus is Booming: Why You Should Consider Making the Move

Columbus is a great place to work, raise a family and pursue new adventures. Ohio’s capital city is home to an impressive array of major industries and startup opportunities. There are cultural and art attractions, plenty of green space and buzzing nightlife.

The Best Breweries Around Columbus

For almost 200 years, Columbus has enjoyed a reputation as a hub for brewers and craft beer makers. German immigrant Louis Hoster opened the city’s first brewery in 1836. And while that establishment shut its doors long ago, there are still plenty of other breweries, bars and pubs around Columbus where you can sample local craft beer.

Simple At-Home Workouts for Apartment Dwellers

Working out at home can make getting in shape a little more convenient and can also help you manage your expenses. When done correctly, using just your body weight and a few household items provides effective exercise.

Want to Improve Your Health? Get Growing!

Keeping houseplants is not only aesthetically pleasing but good for your health, too. Appearance and maintenance are priorities, but it’s also important to consider how a plant can improve your well-being.

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